One Of World’s First Smartwatches For Managing Seafarer Wellbeing In Hazardous Work Zones Launched

One Of World’s First Smartwatches For Managing Seafarer Wellbeing In Hazardous Work Zones Launched

Seafarers encounter numerous threats to their wellness and also wellness, which can influence safety and security, efficiency, and also source of incomes. According to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) 2019 yearly introduction of maritime casualties and also cases research study, 66% of cases are triggered by “human factors”, with team tiredness and also absence of situational understanding being significant adding reasons.

Integrated with the 1) system, the SOL-X ATEX Certified SmartWatch changes procedures by expanding safety and security and also wellness knowledge to the side. It allows linked wellness programs, offers actual time( 2) presence to cutting edge team procedures, and also boosts team situational understanding vessel vast. The SOL-X SmartWatch is ATEX Zone 1 Certified for usage in unsafe atmospheres.

“The SOL-X SmartWatch was developed with seafarers in mind. Our team of maritime and safety experts saw a clear need to use technology to operationalize behavior-based health and safety principles at scale,” claimed Nigel Koh, Chief Executive Officer of SOL-X. “Seafarers are now empowered to take ownership of health and safety outcomes, while the shore teams can gain assurance of the right job being done by the right person, at the right place and at the right time”.

One Of World’s First Smartwatches Built For Managing Seafarer Wellbeing In Hazardous Work Zones

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Below are crucial health and wellness locations of emphasis for the SOL-X SmartWatch Crew Fatigue and also Situational Awareness:

Crew Fatigue

· Pro-Active Workload Management

Working hrs work as a vital information factor in handling team tiredness, nonetheless it can be hard for team and also managers to monitor these properly with present systems. The Workload Management attribute allows team to track their Work Rest hrs easily and also properly from their wrist. More notably, this information is accumulated for managers on the vessel control panel, together with positive notifies when team requirement to remainder and also suggesting those that are readily available to change them.

The wellness details recorded on the SmartWatch can likewise assist check conformity with company HSE plans and also determine efficiency. Crew task information is accumulated (and also anonymized) and also can be utilized to standard and after that contrasted throughout vessels for the objective of HSE program layout or testimonials.

· Heat Stress Management

Vessel setting might subject team to high warmth functioning problems, leading to warmth anxiety. Heat anxiety can bring about damaged reasonings, wellness injuries and also is a contributing element to team tiredness. SOL-X SmartWatch documents temperature level and also moisture of the person’s bordering location and also these dimensions are mapped versus Heat Index tables. If a team participant is considered to be revealed to an unsafe degree of warmth over a continual duration, the person looks out to take required actions to alleviate possible warmth generated injuries.

· Heart Rate and also Fitness Monitoring

SOL-X SmartWatch encourages team with actual time( 2 )wellbeing details, which they can utilize to handle their wider wellness and also tiredness degrees. Based on sector wellness requirements, if their heart price dimensions are identified as being high, positive notifies will certainly inform employees to moisturize and also relax as required; and also if sensation unhealthy, the team is suggested additionally to look for appropriate clinical guidance. There is likewise a physical fitness tracker attribute in the SmartWatch to track day-to-day action objectives and also advertise healthy and balanced living. This information can be utilized to better determine and also track effectiveness of Corporate Wellness programs.

Situational Awareness

· Geofence High Hazard Zones

From their SmartWatch, every team participant currently has real-time accessibility to details concerning their workplace, assisting them to handle possible direct exposure threats. When coming close to unsafe areas, team will certainly obtain GeoFence notifies, advising them of unsafe job being done. Similarly, when they are operating in a high warmth setting for prolonged durations, they will certainly be proactively signaled to moisturize and also take precautionary activities.

· Crew Assist and also Location Tracking (in Lone Work Situations)

When team experiences problems, they can utilize their SmartWatch to ask for remote aid. will instantly include their present place and also task context to speed up action times. This details is specifically vital in single employee circumstances when it can be hard to find team.

The SmartWatches have actually been furnished with custom-made equipment to hold up against extreme commercial job areas– its commercial quality 1.78″ touch display, IP67Waterproof score and also expanded battery life( 3 )make it possible for team to stay linked throughout the vessel. With its mix of individual and also ecological sensing units, the SmartWatch supplies the actual time( 2 )stream of health details that assist handle their wellness and also tiredness.

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