METIS as well as Hivecell consent to lead maritime digitalization from the side

METIS as well as Hivecell consent to lead maritime digitalization from the side
Mike Konstantinidis, Chief Executive Officer, METIS Cyberspace Technology

Maritime information analytics professional METIS Cyberspace Technology has actually finished evidence of idea tests to validate that side computer from Hivecell is entirely suitable with its cloud-based shipboard information purchase remedy. Completion breaks the ice for totally scalable Hivecell pile handling power to be made use of at areas onboard ship, leading to considerable transmission capacity financial savings as well as enhanced reaction times for ‘smart’ ship proprietors as well as supervisors.

In a maritime sector awash with clever gadgets yet linked to streamlined systems monitoring, cloud storage space is significantly attaching the dots, with handling power ‘at the edge’ making it possible for just info appropriate to decision-making to be published. On top of lowering equipment as well as information web traffic, side computer minimizes web server upkeep as well as training, while combination is simpler.

Hivecell provides a plug as well as play ‘hive’ of clever cells, released on the ship in an ‘edge-as-service’ remedy that calls for no equipment financial investment. Crunching information sitting, the distinct yellow cells pre-process appropriate info for upload. Trials at Hivecell utilizing the virtualized METIS Data Fusion Server (DFS) verified Hivecell edge-as-a-service as all set to collaborate with existing METIS cloud-computing software program.

“Following the trials, Hivecell can be offered as an integral part of the innovative artificial intelligence-based solutions METIS has developed to empower shipping’s digital transformation,” stated METIS ceoMike Konstantinidis “METIS and Hivecell are each innovators in their specialized domains, and each looks forward to identifying common opportunities to implement game-changing solutions that can accelerate maritime digitalization.”

“There’s a lot of talk from companies who claim to be able to provide computing power at the edge, but a ship is certainly the true edge,” stated Jeffrey Ricker, founder as well as Chief Executive Officer ofHivecell “Our solution is programmed with existing hardware and is simple to deploy, enabling the fleet managers to process data from the METIS system more easily than ever before, which enables faster decision making.”

More than 250 ships are signed up to the METIS cloud system, the numerous acclaimed remedy that integrates automated information purchase with top-quality qualitative as well as measurable evaluation for stakeholders consisting of fleet supervisors, chartering divisions as well as ships employees. From its Athens head office, METIS has actually increased internationally, opening up workplaces Vancouver as well as developing collaboration contracts in Singapore, London, Hamburg as well as Limassol.

While non-exclusive, the arrangement in between METIS as well as Hivecell likewise breaks the ice for additional advancement job concentrating on boosting system redundancy as well as releasing even more machine-learning (ML) at the side utilizing open-source cloud computer, stated Konstantinidis.

“Both companies continue to work towards greater integration and interoperability, as part of a common commitment that we see as seamlessly providing additional value to shipping customers,” he stated.

Sea News, January 26

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