ABDOMINAL Issues Guidance for Fighting Container Fires

Maersk Honam Fire

ABDOMINAL Issues Guidance for Fighting Container Fires

Mike Schuler

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November 13, 2019

The MV Maersk Honam ablaze in the Arabian Sea, March 8, 2018. Photo: Indian Coast Guard

International category culture the American Bureau of Shipping (ABDOMINAL) has actually released advice to attend to fire-fighting and also security systems of freight holds of containerships adhering to a collection of top-level occurrences.

The advice defines the abdominal muscle needs for attending to fire security in 4 crucial locations, consisting of fire-fighting for containers stored on deck, fire-fighting for containers stored below, fire security of the deckhouse and also container hold flooding as an action for fire-fighting.

The symbols, which exceed and also past existing SOLAS and also associated sector laws, address points such as very early fire discovery, much more reliable fire reductions, far better security of staff, and also the security factors to consider connected with freight hold flooding as a way of fire-fighting, according to ABS.

“Container Carriers have grown much larger in recent years and the volume of cargo carried has expanded significantly. In addition, the nature of the cargo has changed. Fires involving containers, especially with the volume and type of cargo now being carried, are becoming more frequent and can present a significant risk to the safety of the crew and the vessel. Aligned with the ABS safety mission, we address this issue and provide guidance for the development of robust designs that are better suited to address this key industry challenge.” claimed ABS Gareth Burton, Vice President of Technology.

The advice from abdominal muscle complies with a collection of top-level fires that began in the freight holds of ships consisting of the Maersk Honam, Yantian Express, Grande America and also APL Vancouver, to name a few occurrences.

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