Container Barges To Have Wind In Their Sails

Container Barges To Have Wind In Their Sails

The container uses up little area and also can consequently conveniently be put on board (inland) vessels.

10% gas cost savings with eConowind

On the IJsselmeer and also the Wadden Sea, in between Harlingen and also Amsterdam, it generally strikes. This made that area perfect for evaluating the eConowind. Folding the system just takes 5 mins. The examination produced a gas conserving of 10%. Enough factor to check this better.


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Inland delivery links with the port of Amsterdam

Logistics company TMA Logistics attaches terminals in Harlingen, Hasselt, IJmuiden, Velsen and also Amsterdam with the deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam and alsoAntwerp TMA has actually taken care of arrangements with the deepsea terminals and also packages big quantities. With these inland delivering links, taken care of and also trusted cruising routines have actually been developed for their clients.

Further greening

By making use of inland navigating, unneeded waiting times with vehicles are stayed clear of. It likewise lowers traffic and also CARBON DIOXIDE discharges. TMA logistics intends to make their ships also greener. For instance, by making even more use the wind, such as the eCono wind. TMA has actually likewise been making use of the MS Phoenix considering that 2018. This is a completely hybrid ship.


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