Ecochlor’s BWMS Receives IMO Type Approval

Ecochlor’s BWMS Receives IMO Type Approval

Ecochlor’s IMO Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) Code Type Approval accreditation for the EcoOn e ™ BWMS and also EcoOn e Hybrid ™ BWMS supplies shipowners the adaptability to select the very best system for their vessel’s procedure.

NORTH SANCTUARY, CONNECTICUT (13 September 2021) ─ Ecochlor ®,Inc is pleased to obtain IMO BWMS Code Type Approval for its EcoOn e ™ and also EcoOn e Hybrid ™ BWMSs from the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

This accreditation is a change to Ecochlor’s existing BWMS Type Approval and also remains in conformity with the current and also much more strict requirements established by IMO Resolution MEPC.300 (72 ), Code for Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS Code).

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As forecasted at the launch, in September 2021 we got IMO BWMS Code Type Approval for these systems and also get on track to obtain USCG Type Approval by the end of the year.

During the accreditation procedure, the EcoOn e ™ BWMS was examined thoroughly to make certain that it functions successfully as a single-step system utilizing chlorine dioxide (ClO2) therapy innovation, without a filter and also in all operating problems in briny and also aquatic waters. DNV was the independent lab (IL) and also took total obligation for the whole procedure of examination, examination, screening and also entry of all kind authorization applications for the system.

Land- based organic effectiveness examinations were taken on by the Golden Bear Research Center (GBRC) in California, United States. The Shipboard examinations, taken on by DHI as sub-laboratory, were finished to examine the organic effectiveness and also associated shipboard functional efficiency of the EcoOn e ™ BWMS aboard industrial vessels. This screening was executed on 2 vessels had by Maran Tankers, a VLCC and also an Aframax, throughout their regular trips.

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Pete Thompson, VP of Operations, that led the R & & D of the EcoOn e ™ BWMS and also EcoOn e Hybrid ™ BWMS kept in mind, “our team is very excited to bring these new and innovative BWMSs to market. We have worked diligently over the last 18 months along with DNV, Maran Tankers, Golden Bear and DHI to test the EcoOne™ BWMS and EcoOne Hybrid™ BWMS to the highest standards possible in compliance with IMO testing requirements and to ensure the operational reliability that is expected from every single Ecochlor system.”

Ecochlor has actually long been identified as a leader in the BWM market with among the most basic and also most convenient to make use of systems offered in the marketplace. With this authorization, Ecochlor currently supplies 3 various BWMS items:

  • Ecochlor ® BWMS (purification and also ClO2): Vessels running this system can run throughout the globe without any constraints to temperature level, salinity or turbidity.
  • EcoOn e ™ BWMS (ClO2 alone): Vessels running this system can run throughout aquatic and also briny waters (≥ 1PSU) without any constraints on temperature level or turbidity
  • EcoOn e Hybrid ™ BWMS (Dual setting purification and also ClO2 or ClO2 alone): This alternative permits procedure either with or without a filter enabling shipowners the adaptability of unlimited procedure worldwide however with the comfort of a no-filter system.

Each of these systems depends on the exact same core ClO2 innovation, which supplies really distinctive benefits over various other ballast water sanitation strategies. Andrew Marshall VP of service growth discusses why ClO2 is specifically fit as a filterless BWMS alternative: “ClO2 innovation is not influenced by put on hold debris or turbidity. Therefore, purification is not needed to get rid of debris before therapy, unlike UV innovation. Additionally, ClO2 innovation mainly responds with living microorganisms (as opposed to responding with all raw material) and also does not need substantially boosting the dosage to successfully deal with the ballast water.

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On the various other hand, salt hypochlorite or electro-chlorination-based modern technologies respond with any type of raw material living or dead and also need a large rise to the chemical dosage to make certain therapy effectiveness. This boosted dose needs added power to create the greater degrees of hypochlorite and also consequently, might possibly be harmful to storage tank layers and also vessel frameworks.”

“The EcoOne™ BWMS and EcoOne Hybrid™ BWMS IMO Type Approved systems are of great significance to the industry,” states Steve Candito, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER. “From the time of our new product announcement in April 2021, shipowners have responded enthusiastically and we have received a record number of orders. Our future plans include our continued commitment to bring advances and cost savings to the market that not only enhance our product lines but improve our already notable service operations.”

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