Innovative AI-based Screening Software Developed To Detect and also Identify Incidents of Mis- proclaimed Hazardous Cargo

ZIM has actually created and also executed a cutting-edge AI-based testing software application to spot and also determine cases of mis-declared harmful freight prior to filling to vessel.

The brand-new ZIMGuard ™ system checks carriers’ freight statements at a beginning and also flags prospective instances of mistakenly proclaimed freight. The system utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI), consisting of Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities and also Machine Learning, to examine paperwork and also sharp procedures employees of events of noninclusion, camouflage or wrong affirmation of harmful freight– in genuine time.

Misdeclaration of harmful freight has actually gone to the origin of significant aquatic cases, triggering death and also serious problems. Last year, numerous providers introduced the charge of extra costs as a partial option for this repeating trouble. ZIMGuard ™ has actually currently confirmed its efficiency on countless events considering that its intro. The ZIMGuard ™ system is currently being used in significant ports in China, the United States and also Israel, and also is anticipated to be released in all ZIM lines by the end of 2020.


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Eli Glickman, ZIM President & & Chief Executive Officer: “Developing this innovative system exemplifies the creative and unique approach we cultivate in everything we do in ZIM – our secret ingredient. Since launching ZIMGuard, we were alerted to dozens of cases of mis-declared cargo. In view of ZIMGuard’s potential contribution to the safety of the global supply chain, ZIM is willing to commercially offer licensing this system to parties who may be interested in utilizing it.”

Eyal Ben-Amram, ZIM EVP CIO: “ZIM strives to be at the cutting edge of technology in every aspect of its operations. The introduction of advanced AI capabilities to the critical task of enhancing safety and security is a yet another example of these ongoing efforts.”

Captain Zadok Radecker, ZIM Global Hazardous & & Special Cargos Manager, accountable of Cargo Security, claimed: “Coping with Misdeclarations of hazardous cargo, which can create a serious risk, is challenging. The new system has proven to be effective and on target. It enable us to identify, investigate and clarify any issue prior to loading, ensuring the safety of the crew and ship, and the safety of the supply chain in general.”


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