Jotun Inks First Commercial Contract For Hull Skating Solutions With MSC To Reduce Emissions

Jotun has actually authorized the initial industrial agreement for container vessels with its ground-breaking Jotun Hull Skating Solutions (HSS). The agreement was authorized with worldwide container delivery and also logistics leader MSC, Mediterranean Shipping Company.

MSC, a firm dedicated to purchasing decarbonising its procedures, will certainly set up the Jotun HullSkate r, the initial robot innovation that has actually been developed for positive cleansing, and also the specifically created high efficiency SeaQuantum Skate antifouling as components of the Hull Skating Solutions, on the 14,000 TEU MSC EVA later on this year. The remedy will certainly after that proactively function to make sure an “always clean” vessel hull, without any biofouling, optimum performance, decreased gas prices and also considerably reduced CARBON DIOXIDE exhausts.

Proactive strategy

Jotun introduced HSS to the marketplace in March this year. Designed to assist shipowners encountering one of the most extreme biofouling obstacles, it incorporates the antifouling and also robot positive cleaner, housed onboard the picked vessel, with positive problem surveillance, premium technological solution, and also efficiency and also solution degree warranties. Jotun drivers regulate the HullSkate r through a 4G link, performing cleansing and also assessments in accordance with specific vessel routines created with an exclusive formula and also large information.

Jotun Inks First Commercial Contract For Hull Skating Solutions With MSC To Reduce Emissions

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It is a distinct positive cleansing remedy, supplying distinct outcomes. This, as Alberto Genovesi– Marine Global Key Account Manager, Performance Coatings, Jotun– describes, quickly attracted MSC’s wish to purchase game-changing cutting-edge innovation.

Win- win for sector

“MSC is not only a market leader, but it is also leading the way in terms of exploring innovative new solutions to meet the IMO’s goals of decarbonising shipping,” he comments. “We have worked with them as a partner to provide premium anti-fouling coatings to their advanced fleet over many years and knew that HSS would chime with their ambitions to deliver both improved environmental performance and enhanced efficiency and cost control for business stakeholders. HSS is a clear win-win in that respect.”

MSC EVA will certainly set up HSS at GWD Guangzhou Shipyard in China later on in 2020, at the very same time as it goes through course revival and also scrubber installment. The vessel’s versatile cruising pattern, with direct exposure to varying water temperature levels and also atmospheres, results in its extreme biofouling difficulty.

Jotun thinks that if all ships encountering such obstacles embraced the HSS positive strategy– cleaning up hulls prior to biofouling holds and also consequently removing connected drag and also gas intake– maritime CARBON DIOXIDE exhausts might be decreased by at the very least 40 million heaps each year.

Sustainable vision

“We are acutely aware that the shipping industry needs to adopt innovative solutions to meet ambitious environmental goals,” states Giuseppe Gargiulo, Head of Newbuildings, MSCMediterranean Shipping Company “We think HSS will certainly assist fix the issue of biofouling, corresponding to solid advantages for the environment– with decreased exhausts and also lowered spread of intrusive varieties– and also far better outcomes for our company, clients and also culture. This is the personification of what we’re aiming to accomplish at MSC.

“Clean hulls are only one piece of the jigsaw when it comes to delivering a more sustainable shipping industry, but a central piece nonetheless. MSC is committed to exploring and trialing new scalable solutions to minimise overall environmental impact, for both our business and the shipping industry as a whole.”

HSS has actually been created over a number of years and also offered market by Jotun together with KONGSBERG. Comprehensive screening has actually been happening on vessels, in collaboration with leading shipowners (such as MSC) and also at picked ports worldwide. Common for MSC and also all the companions are their worldwide impact and also their concentrate on advancement for a lasting future.

The Jotun HullSkate r, which uses magnetic wheels to hold on to vessel hulls, functions to eliminate specific microorganisms and also biofilm prior to macro-fouling expands. At such a beginning, fouling can be gotten rid of without danger of damages to, or disintegration of, finishing neither brushes. This not just provides peak efficiency, and also limitless still days for shipowners, yet lessens the demand for responsive cleansing, reducing prices, ecological danger and also enhancing fleet adaptability.


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