Kuehne + Nagel Expands AI-Enabled Road Logistics Platform eTrucknow To Singapore

Kuehne + Nagel has actually introduced its AI-enabled electronic roadway logistics system sg.eTrucknow.com inSingapore eTrucknow bridges the supply and also need of roadway logistics through an electronic industry, bringing a faster means for clients to publication vehicles and also a simpler means for service providers to open company possibilities.

Piloted in Thailand, eTrucknow is additionally boosted and also broadened toSingapore With eTrucknow, Singapore carriers obtain accessibility to a streamlined quote and also contrast procedure for residential roadway logistics deliveries. Singapore-Malaysia cross-border roadway logistics deliveries will certainly additionally be provided on the system in the 2nd fifty percent of 2020.

Once the carrier supplies the delivery information, its AI-enabled engine streamlines and also automates the quote contrast procedure by confirming several information factors and also provides the client with one of the most affordable quote and also path.


Image Credits: sg.etrucknow.com

Real- time exposure, a crucial issue to clients and also service providers, is an additional vital function of eTrucknow: carriers and also service providers will certainly constantly recognize where their deliveries or vehicle drivers are with the system’s real-time track and also trace abilities. One- time carriers will certainly obtain typical exposure with pro-active solution signals on shipment landmarks.

Furthermore, eTrucknow provides accepted service providers the possibility to transform their void or journeys right into prospective earnings through the industry system which supplies them with accessibility to a network of carriers needing roadway products solutions. Interested vehicle suppliers can sign up for an account on eTrucknow.com and also undergo a vetting and also onboarding procedure. To maintain top quality of solutions to our clients in Singapore, Kuehne + Nagel teamed up with the Enterprise Singapore to educate neighborhood trucking business, allowing them to negotiate conveniently utilizing the system.

“We are pleased that Kuehne + Nagel has launched eTrucknow in Singapore,” claimed Lee Eng Keat, Senior Vice President, Commercial and also Professional Services,Singapore Economic Development Board “The development of such platforms is in line with our focus on digital, client-centric innovation within the logistics industry. This will help trucking service providers better position themselves for the post-COVID-19 upturn, and the recovery in demand across the ASEAN region. We hope to continue working with Kuehne + Nagel, and other like-minded companies, to develop more digital innovation solutions that increase the sophistication of Singapore’s logistics industry.”

“The intuitive and easy-to-use digital solution has been developed based on our customers’ needs and market trends. The platform’s functionalities are continuously evolving to create an optimal customer experience from an adhoc shipment to the regular large volume of shipments. We are very excited to be able to shape the future of road logistics business here in Asia,” claimed Chellan Ganesan, Senior Vice President of Road Logistics for Kuehne + Nagel, Asia Pacific.

eTrucknow will certainly additionally be released throughout Malaysia, India, Vietnam, New Zealand and also Australia this year. The system is an additional progression in Kuehne + Nagel’s electronic makeover procedure and also campaign to develop a smooth electronic client trip.

  • Kuehne + Nagel Expands AI-Enabled Road Logistics Platform eTrucknow To Singapore

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