#LashingIsDockersWork: ITF Dockers’ Clause Comes Into Force

#LashingIsDockersWork: ITF Dockers’ Clause Comes Into Force

The ITF “Dockers’ Clause” enters pressure in Canada as well asEurope A whole lot has actually been stated concerning what is generally called the Dockers Clause, however it deserves assessing specifically what the condition is as well as what it indicates to ITF associated dockers’ unions.


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Let’s begin with the start:

  1. Under ITF plan, seafarers’ associates deserve to authorize what are called ITF Agreements on Flag of Convenience ships that are beneficially possessed in their country. These cumulative arrangements cover seafarers functioning aboard as well as have to follow particular concepts in order to be accepted as ITF cumulative arrangements.
  2. These arrangements are haggled with delivery reps from the International Maritime Employers Council (IMEC). ITF associates as well as ITF secretariat create a negotiating board. Together, the ITF board as well as IMEC deal in what is called the International Bargaining Forum (IBF). The ITF board takes its negotiating instructions from associated seafarers’ as well as dockers’ unions.
  3. After a five-year ITF project to redeem lashing for dockworkers, on 19-22 February 2018 the ITF as well as Joint Negotiating Group (JNG) accepted the regards to the brand-new IBF Agreement that consisted of a changed Dockers’ Clause as well as the brand-new execution treatment that clears up dockers’ right to insurance claim as well as accomplish lashing as well as various other freight managing solutions in ports.
  4. The modified condition worked worldwide in February, 2018, with 2 exemptions: Europe as well asCanada It was concurred that the brand-new condition would certainly enter into pressure in those territories on January 1, 2020, allowingterminal drivers, delivering firms as well as specifically feeder solutions to make the essential changes.

After a long haul, 2020 has actually shown up.

So allow’s have a look at what that condition in fact claims:

“Neither Seafarers nor anyone else on board whether in permanent or temporary employment by the Company shall carry out cargo handling services in a port, at a terminal or on board of a vessel, where dock workers, who are members of an ITF affiliated union, are providing the cargo handling services. Where there are not sufficient numbers of qualified dock workers available, the ship’s crew may carry out the work provided that there is prior agreement of the ITF Dockers Union or ITF Unions concerned; and provided that the individual Seafarers volunteer to carry out such duties; and those Seafarers are qualified and adequately compensated for that work. For the purpose of this clause “cargo handling services” might consist of however is not restricted to: loading, dumping, lashing, unlashing, inspecting as well as obtaining.”

The Dockers’ Clause puts on all ships teams covered by ITF CBAs (virtually 15,000 around the world) as well as ITF Dockers’ associates declaring or redeeming lashing worldwide.

The condition is a vital, hard-won enhancement to our existing language, haggled at the persistence of ITF Dockers’ associates– as well as appropriately so.

The condition stands for an acknowledgment of the value of having actually educated, experienced dockers undertaking this hazardous job. The brand-new condition will certainly finish the issue of exhausted seafarers taking on lashing especially on feeder solutions inEurope It’s a win for both seafarers as well as dockers in an atmosphere where some shipowners remain to manipulate seafarers as well as dockers,

As we relocate with an unclear future of automation as well as the continuous battle for territory, we noisally proclaim that lashing is dockers’ job. We anticipate some battles in our particular nationwide projects to declare lashing, however the ITF as well as its associates are dedicated to this battle– as well as there is no appropriate end result other than success.

Work has actually currently started in dockers associates in Europe as well as in the Port of Montreal, Canada, with ITF Inspectors dedicated to sustaining the execution of the condition.

If you see seafarers doing dockers’ job, or a ship that gets here unlashed, allow your union reps as well as regional ITF examiner recognize, every examiner is educated to solve the problem as well as safeguard dockers’ territory to lash.

Together, we will certainly protect our job, our anchors as well as the globe’s freight. Dockers’ doing the hefty training worldwide.

Reference: itfseafarers.org

#LashingIsDockersWork: ITF Dockers' Clause Comes Into Force

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