Liberian Registry Launches Online Seafarer Examination Portal

Liberian Registry Launches Online Seafarer Examination Portal

The Liberian Registry has actually released its brand-new online system for Liberian permit evaluations as well as upgrade exams. This system, enables the qualified seafarer, overcoming authorized Training Centers, to be able to take these exams worldwide (as well as from another location) 24/7.

This progressed system is the most up to date from the Registry, which has actually constantly been the market leader among flag States in embracing technical improvements as well as promoting sensible as well as economical digital services. This system fulfills the needs of the market as well as seafarers while enabling marginal disturbance as a result of pandemic relevant downturns as well as closures.

Seafarers can currently be pre-approved as well as vetted by authorized training centres; can after that take the on the internet assessment from throughout the globe with web connection, as well as obtain their outcomes as well as if effectively passed, their qualifications in a far more expedited as well as effective fashion than readily available anywhere else.

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The system, protect for both information as well as honesty of the tests, will certainly permit seafarers that might or else not have the ability to restore their qualifications or nationwide records as a result of COVID as well as federal government closures to obtain the records they require to reach the sea as well as sustain their family members.

Chief Operating Officer of the Liberian Ship as well as International Corporate Registry (LISCR), Alfonso Castillero states: “The newly developed platform will be a great tool for Training Centers and Seafarers to get the necessary credentials they need to go to sea at any time, anywhere. With the demand for qualified seafarers rising, and the disruptions globally for seafarer training in certification, this will be a hugely positive, and affordable, step for seafarers to be able to get to the ships and continue to keep the vital lifeline of the marine industry going.”

This system is an absolutely contemporary as well as ingenious strategy to the assessment procedure as well as enables openness, safety and security, as well as liability while still managing the seafarers the capacity to take the tests whenever as well as any place they require to.

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