Norway Rejects Accommodation Vessel Mega-Merger

Norway Rejects Accommodation Vessel Mega-Merger

Norway Rejects Accommodation Vessel Mega-Merger

Mike Schuler

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October 29, 2019

Prosafe’s lodging vesselSafe Concordia Photo politeness Prosafe

The Norwegian Competition Authority has actually declined the recommended mega-merger of lodging vessel drivers Prosafe as well as Floatel because the merging would certainly bring about boosted costs via much less competitors.

A joint declaration from both business stated they were alerted on Tuesday in a Statement of Rejection from the NCA.

“Floatel and Prosafe will study the decision in detail and expect to decide on whether to appeal shortly,” the declaration stated.

The NCA stated its testimonial of the deal identified the merging would certainly bring about boosted costs for consumers of overseas lodging solutions thinking about the deal entails 2 of the biggest rivals offering the Norwegian market.

Prosafe as well as Floatel are presently the only distributors of contemporary semi-submersible lodging vessels on, called “flotels,” on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, the NCA stated.

“Accommodation units offered by other suppliers on the Norwegian continental shelf are not fully comparable to those offered by the parties. Other suppliers are therefore not able to compete for all contracts,” the NCA stated in its declaration.

Demand for overseas lodging solutions has actually dropped in addition to oil costs starting in 2014.

“According to our market investigation, there will be a demand for offshore accommodation services in the coming years. The investigation has not revealed any convincing evidence suggesting that Prosafe and/or Floatel will withdraw from the Norwegian market if the merger is disallowed,” claims NCA Deputy Director Marita Skj æveland.

“Our assessment is that the parties will continue to compete for future contracts on the Norwegian continental shelf in absence of the merger,” she included.

Prosafe as well as Flotael have 3 weeks to appeal the choice.

The merging in between Prosafe as well as Bermuda- based Floatel was very first introduced in June 2019 with the objective of “creating a more robust company with improved services and geographical presence, able to sustain a prolonged cyclical downturn and challenging markets for offshore accommodation.”

The mix would certainly produce the globe’s biggest proprietor as well as driver of semi-submersible lodging vessels. Prosafe has as well as runs an overall of 9 vessels, each with a capability of 300-500 beds, while Floatel’s fleet contains 5 devices, each with ability of 440-550 beds. Prosafe likewise has alternatives for distribution of 2 newbuilds over the following 5 years.

In the UK, the Competition as well as Markets Authority (CMA) has actually referred the merging to Phase 2.

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