Ownership Shake- up at Tanker Pool Operator Heidmar

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Ownership Shake- up at Tanker Pool Operator Heidmar

Mike Schuler

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November 9, 2020

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Heidmar Chief Executive Officer Pankaj Khanna has actually taken complete control of the vessel swimming pool administration firm from delivering billionaire George Economou.

The firm revealed Monday thatMr Pankaj Khanna has actually obtained 100% of the shares ofHeidmar Inc and also all relevant firms.

Based in Athens, Greece, Heidmar is a vessel merging and also administration firm. It presently handles a fleet of 15 vessels, consisting of suezmaxes, VLCCs and also LR2s.

Khanna signed up with Heidmar as Chief Executive Officer and also Board Member in July 2019 after Heidmar was completely obtained by DryShips, the previous publicly-listed delivery firm run byEconomou Economou took DryShips exclusive in October 2019.

“Mr. George Economou, any and all of his related parties or affiliates have no interest whatsoever in Heidmar or any related company going forward,” Heidmar claimed in a declaration.

“Now as an independent company, committed to transparency and commercial capabilities that Heidmar has been known for, we plan to rebuild Heidmar as a focused services company, specializing in the commercial management of tankers,” claimed Khanna.

“In the long-term the industry faces many challenges ranging from de-carbonization and ESG responsibilities, disparate and stricter regulations, charterer consolidation and lack of bank financing to name a few. This offers opportunities to expand our service offerings thereby helping our customers in responding to and getting ahead of these challenges,” he included.

Under Khanna’s complete control, the firm prepares to work with 3 to 4 individuals at their workplaces in Athens and also Singapore.

Before signing up with Heidmar, Khanna acted as President and also Chief Executive Officer of one more Economou- connected firm, Ocean Rig UDW, the ultra-deepwater boring professional that was obtained by Transocean 2018. From 2009 to 2012, Khanna was Chief Operating Officer of DryShips.

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