Port Of Rotterdam To Enforce New Regulations Regarding Lashing At Sea

Port Of Rotterdam To Enforce New Regulations Regarding Lashing At Sea

From 1 September, the Harbour Master’s department of the Port of Rotterdam Authority will properly impose in case of infractions of the brand-new policies of the Port Regulations pertaining to lashing mixed-up. This implies lawbreakers might be scheduled. Since April, it has actually been restricted for all seagoing vessels to lash or launch containers as well as various other items while mixed-up. Until currently, the Port Authority minimal itself to offering details.

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“This measure is in line with our policy to guarantee safety and order on the harbour waters. Lashing at sea jeopardises the safety of the crew and therefore also the safety on the harbour waters”, according to (federal government) harbour master Ren é de Vries.

In conformity with the Port Regulations, lashing at the quay in the administration location of the Port of Rotterdam is just permitted by team on ships smaller sized than 170 metres. Longer ships might just be lashed by certified lashing firms.

The Port Authority has actually not released any kind of information regarding the reservation procedure. The Public Prosecution Service eventually identifies exactly how high the penalty will certainly be for infractions. The taken on adjustments can be located in the Municipal Gazette 2021 no. 121493 as well as the most up to date variation of the Port Regulations at overheid.nl.

Reference: portofrotterdam.com

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