RO/RO police officer eliminated while making use of smart phone throughout discharging procedures

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Image: MAIB

The fatality of the 3rd police officer of a RO/RO throughout discharging procedures in Brocklebank Docks, Liverpool, last May highlights the extremely actual threats of smart phone disturbance while working with board ship, triggering the U.K. Marine Accident Investigation Branch to release a maritime sector safety and security leaflet along with its in-depth record of the crash.

The occurrence happened on May 15, 2019 when semi-trailers were being released from the Isle of Man signed up RO/RO products ferryboat, Seatruck Progress.

The ferryboat’s demanding ramp was the only methods of gain access to for automobiles and also pedestrians. The vessel’s 3rd police officer, that was managing the freight procedures, was struck and also fatally wounded by a semi-trailer that was being lowered the vessel’s demanding ramp to the quayside.

RO/RO police officer eliminated while making use of smart phone throughout discharging procedures
Driver’s sight in advance when pressing a semi-trailer [Image: MAIB]

The vehicle driver of the tractor system pressing the semi-trailer quit promptly yet the 3rd police officer was entraped in between the trailer’s back wheels and also was noticable dead by participating in paramedics.

The 3rd police officer was chatting on his mobile telephone and also was encountering down the ramp, far from the instructions of the semi-trailer’s technique, when he was struck. He most likely did not listen to the trailer coming close to among the sound from freight procedures on various other decks, and also he was standing far from a pedestrian sidewalk that was repainted along the starboard side of the ramp.

The tractor vehicle driver was incapable to see the 3rd police officer because of the semi-trailer obstructing his sight in advance and also he was not anticipating any type of pedestrians to be on the demanding ramp.


  • “Smartphone zombie” and also “smombie” are utilized in pop culture to define pedestrians that mosey and also without interest to their environments since they are concentrated on their mobile phones. Seafarers are not immune from such results and also, although mobile telephones offer a prepared methods of call with family and friends, their usage on functioning decks and also various other work spaces aboard ships is a disturbance and also is possibly dangerous.
  • When the demanding ramp is the only methods of gain access to for pedestrians and also automobiles, it is clear in the relevant codes of technique that either a secured sidewalk or various other methods of setting apart automobiles and also pedestrians is offered. Procedures based upon a plan of ‘see and be seen’ are filled with risk.
  • Painted sidewalks on lorry ramps and also decks that are not safeguarded are reliant be intruded upon by automobiles and also are not secure unless various other actions to regulate pedestrian gain access to and also automotive web traffic are likewise applied. They are also much less secure if they are not utilized.


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