RoRo Saves The Day For Large Breakbulk Shipment Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

With the Coronavirus pandemic causing short-term boundary closures in between nations, products forwarder Haven Shipping, needed to locate a different choice to roadway transportation for the activity of a transformer as well as devices in between Oman as well as Kuwait.

With a due date to satisfy, the client picked Höegh Autoliners for its trustworthy RoRo lining solution as well as experience in securely taking care of huge breakbulk freights.

Reliable sea transportation in the middle of the pandemic

With roadway transport obstructed throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, Höegh’s Europe to Middle East RoRo solution supplied a dependable option to Kuwait.

RoRo Saves The Day For Large Breakbulk Shipment Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

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Ajish Venugopal, Sales Manager in Dubai describes,

Having a dependable lining solution with a taken care of timetable enables the client to prepare the delivery ahead of time. This was especially vital for the client that had various breakbulk systems that required to be supplied at the very same time, to satisfy a job target date.

Cargo managing you can rely on

The huge delivery included 64 fixed breakbulk systems, with the heaviest system evaluating 60 statistics tonnes. To transportation non-rolling freight, Höegh Autoliners has a large fleet of rolltrailers that provide for different breakbulk measurements. With all systems requiring to be delivered with each other on one vessel, the freight taking care of group provided an optimum option utilizing 17 rolltrailers.

To make sure the delicate items did stagnate throughout transport, they were protected on the rolltrailer utilizing lashings. Transporting delicate freight on rolltrailers implies that no high-lifting is included, as the freight is rolled on as well as off the vessel. This lowers the danger of damages to the freight as well as makes sure a much more secure procedure.

The transformer as well as devices were securely packed aboard Höegh Trader in Sohar prepared for its sea trip to Shuwaih.

RoRo makes sure safety and security right

Höegh’s RoRo vessels store freight under-deck in aerated freight holds. This maintains freight risk-free as well as completely dry far from salt water as well as various other ecological aspects throughout its sea transport.

Ajish shares,

The client was thrilled with the safety and security as well as dependability our RoRo option supplied. The effective delivery boils down to the wonderful cooperation in between the client as well as our seasoned freight taking care of group.

An agent from Haven Shipping states,

We are really pleased with the solution given, as well as this delivery was a best instance of the specialized emphasis as well as degree of professionalism and reliability as well as technological proficiency given by Höegh Autoliners.


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