Saltchuk Marine increases harbor ship help procedures

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Millennium Maverick is among 8 yanks readied to begin running for Saltchuk under the Starlight brand name. [Image: Centerline Logistics]

Yesterday we reported that Centerline Logistics has actually obtained Saltchuk Marine’s California ship bunkering service. It appears that was not the entire of the tale.

Saltchuk Marine has actually obtained Centerline Logistics’ nurture ship help procedures in California and also the Pacific Northwest.

Eight ship help yanks presently run under the Millennium and also Starlight brand names will certainly sign up with the Saltchuk Marine fleet in very early 2021. Operations will certainly be settled under the Starlight brand name, which will certainly stay independently-operated– handling, sending off, and also crewing its very own watercrafts.

The procurement boosts the ship help ability of Saltchuk Marine business by greater than 40% inCalifornia Saltchuk claims the enhancement of the Starlight brand name enhances its objective of expanding sources and also knowledge to supply a large range of harbor towing options to consumers along the West Coast.

“This transaction strengthens the Saltchuk Marine family of companies. We are pleased to expand our capacity in both California and the Pacific Northwest, enabling us to grow our portfolio of safe, reliable, competitive ship assist services,” claimed Jason Childs, Chief Executive Officer ofSaltchuk Marine “This addition to our family of companies continues to strengthen our reach along our coastal waterways, providing expert and reliable tugboat escorts and assists when customers call, and deepens the long-term relationships we have in California today.”

Saltchuk Marine and also Centerline will certainly companion with each other throughout a brief change duration to supply connection while the purchase is finished. During this time around, Centerline will certainly remain to run Starlight and also Millennium yanks prior to the vessels transfer to Saltchuk Marine.

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