Spotlight on Safety Paper Looks at Maritime Calamities that Should Have Never Happened

Spotlight on Safety Paper Looks at Maritime Calamities that Should Have Never Happened

Spotlight on Safety Paper Looks at Maritime Calamities that Should Have Never Happened


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August 30, 2019

A Corpus Christi Fire Department vessel snuffs out a fire onboard a barge roughly 3 miles from the Port Aransas, Texas, jettiesOct 20, 2017. UNITED STATE Coast Guard picture.

By Captain John Loftus–As among the co-authors of “Spotlight on Safety”, I was onboard as component of the discussion group funded by the International Organization of Masters, Mates & & Pilots as well as Dalhousie University at the World Maritime Rescue Conference in Vancouver, BC( 15-17June 2019). The subject was introduced by means of poster discussion as well as conversation. In combination, a brand-new paper, “Spotlight on Safety” has actually been authored that looks into numerous Maritime Calamities, as well as why they must never ever have actually occurred. We take a look at troubles that take place over as well as over, connecting to aquatic casualties, as well as take a look at services to avert re-occurrences.

“Spotlight on Safety, why accidents are often not accidental”

The full paper, as well as connected web links. can be downloaded and install from The International Organization of Masters, Mates & & Pilots Website:

A basic motif underlies all Maritime Calamities to one degree or one more: Regulatory Non-Compliance, Lack of Proper Oversight by Regulatory Agencies, Corporate Pressure, Fear of Retaliation, as well as Corporate Greed.

The paper gives birth to the real-life sadness for households that have actually shed liked ones due to the fact that governing conformity concerns were avoided. It checks out why it takes place over as well as over once more. The writers examine why governmental firms are not a lot more concentrated, as well as additionally why it typically happens, that administration leaves with no criminal responsibility.

“Accidents are precluded by situational awareness; tragedies are prevented by regulatory compliance”– Captain John Loftus

The IMO, the International Labour Organization, as well as the nationwide as well as exclusive governing programs, which if adhered to, considerably decrease the danger of aquatic casualties. However, in a lot of cases, the trouble is absence of conformity. In the economic climate of delivery, industrial stress might contravene governing program.

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig

Before the surge, some employees elevated problems concerning absence of upkeep.


  • More reliable Flag State as well as Port State Control.
  • Corrective Action Reports (Automobiles) must be a “legal requirement” of accredited police officers; nobody recognizes the ship far better than those that service it.
  • Class culture assessors must be needed to assess cars and truck documents every single time they board a vessel.
  • Key coast side supervisors must have seagoing experience;
  • Meaningful lawful defense.
  • Effective labor agreement legal rights.
  • Legal liability for firm police officers as well as supervisors.


Most maritime cases are preventable. The finest Search as well as Rescue (SAR) action is the one that does not need to occur. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) as well as the International Maritime Rescue Federation identify that avoidance is a vital feature of rescue companies. If the variety of aquatic casualties is decreased, lives are conserved, air pollution avoided, expenses as well as dangers to SAR employees are decreased.


  • Non- conformity with security criterion.
  • Commercial stress in creating as well as implementing security guidelines.
  • Companies wish to decrease expenses to make the most of earnings (which can place human life in danger).
  • Often little assistance for seafarers as well as security assessors.
  • Lack of reporting to administration, which causes weakening security society.


  • There are typically implications when individuals attempt to adhere to official security criteria.
  • Those that report security problems might endure revenge.
  • The team might act out of concern by disregarding when security problems develop. Some might be afraid shedding their work or being benched.
  • Acting on security concerns might be hindered by a “just get the job done” perspective.


“It is the master’s decision whether to sail. It is the owner’s decision who is the master.” — Charles S. Price, Great Storm of 1913.

“The El Faro disaster points to the need for a strong and enduring commitment from all elements of the safety framework.” — Rear Admiral John Nadeau

Was the sinking of the El Faro an outcome of negative choice making as a result of industrial stress by a delivery firm to decrease gas expenses as well as insufficient checking as well as assessments by governing firms?

“Time and time again we are shocked by a new disaster… We say we will never forget, then we forget, and it happens again.” — Susan Dodd, The Ocean Ranger 2012

The Ocean Ranger calamity happened off the coastline ofNewfoundland All 84 guys aboard passed away. The Royal Commission examining the calamity located: the personnel was not effectively educated; there were no security procedures as well as security tools was insufficient.

“It’s a culture where safety can be overlooked, and where corners are cut to get things done quickly and to maximize profit.” — South Korea’s President Park Geun- hye, The Sewol Ferry

The Sewol Ferry calamity was brought on by a mix of disregarding security criteria, absence of federal government oversight, as well as inadequately performed rescue procedures by the Korean Coast Guard.

“The deaths were completely senseless… a result of systemic and individual failures.” — Royal Commission Report, MV Princess Ashika

Senior police officers informed cops the ship disagreed, risky as well as unseaworthy. The ship dealt with significant shortages as well as must not have actually been provided a certification to run under any kind of conditions.

“In competitive markets, whatever is possible becomes necessary.” — Nicholas Shaxson, Treasure Islands: Tax Havens as well as the Men Who Stole the World

The global maritime field deals with industrial stress. This holds true for ship proprietors, flag states, as well as category cultures. Many ships comply with a ‘just in time’ supply chain to aid make the most of performance, decrease expenses as well as boost client complete satisfaction. Rectifying ‘minor’ security concerns elevated by the team or by the course culture can interfere with the supply chain with a substantial effect on the client that might seek a various delivery company to prevent future hold-ups.

The Spotlight on Safety paper concentrates on the maritime security governing program as well as industrial stress versus governing conformity as well as security. We discover just how maritime cases posture a threat to life as well as the setting, as well as the industrial stress placed on cutting edge employees (team as well as ship police officers), security assessors, as well as administration.

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