Stena Bulk And ExcellentFuel s Successfully Complete Trial Of Sustainable Marine Biofuel

The 49646 deadweight tonne (dwt) MR vessel got the initial distribution of BioFuel Oil throughout its current telephone call at the Port ofRotterdam The gas, which ExcellentFuel s introduced in 2018, lowers greenhouse gas discharges by 83% and also significantly lowers SOX discharges.

The test was finished on the Stena Immortal as she ran in regular business procedure. During the test, BFO was checked in storage tanks, storage space and also as it was shed in the engines, the gas was once again confirmed to be a practically certified option to the fossil default for oceangoing vessel vessels.

The success of this test better underscores lasting aquatic biofuel’s placement within the aquatic gas mix, and also aids proprietors and also drivers to future-proof versus existing and also upcoming guidelines. As the test was carried out with 100% biofuel, it additionally reveals that low-carbon delivery does not need to be years away however sensible additionally on the much shorter term if market leaders interact to press the growth.

Stena Immortal

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Because it significantly lowers CARBON DIOXIDE and also SOX discharges, ExcellentFuel s’ Bio Fuel Oil makes sure conformity with the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) 2020 Sulphur Cap, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) decrease needs and also upcoming guidelines to decrease carbon strength from delivery.

“We like to show the industry that we can start reducing the carbon footprint of shipping here and now while maintaining highest quality technical and commercial operations. The Stena Immortal performed very well running on the biofuel while continuing to deliver according to our customers’ needs without any disruption”, claims Erik Hånell, President and also Chief Executive Officer Stena Bulk.

The market requires leaders happy to team up, share understanding and also press the growth in the direction of even more lasting delivery. We enjoy to team up with ExcellentFuel s in this examination to tackle that objective and also urge others to join us. We are naturally open and also have a readiness to drive and also participate of this growth along with stakeholders in this market.” Erik Hånell proceeds.

Samples of biofuel

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“We are delighted this test with Stena Bulk was a success and want to thank them for joining us in our mission to develop a carbon-busting solution that is scalable, truly sustainable, technically compliant and, crucially, affordable”, Dirk Kronemeijer, Chief Executive Officer, ExcellentFuel s Marine, talking about the effective test.

“For the past five years, we have focused on realising the widescale use of sustainable marine biofuel, which has enabled us to continue to develop biofuels as a true solution to the market’s problems. Today’s announcement marks yet another a crucial move towards offering the shipping industry a credible near-zero carbon alternative to HFO and VLSFO.”

Following the effective test on Stena Immortal, Stena Bulk and also ExcellentFuel s Marine will certainly proceed collaborating to acquire even more experience and also range the use of Bio Fuel Oil as an option to traditional fossil-based gas.

ExcellentFuel s Bio Fuel Oil is sustainably sourced and also totally originated from woodland deposits and also waste oil items. The gas is additionally confirmed by an independent sustainability board of leading academics and also NGOs in the transportation industries.


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