Toshiba Delivers Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Cell System To Fuel Cell Ship

Toshiba Delivers Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Cell System To Fuel Cell Ship

Toshiba Energy Systems & & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter “Toshiba ESS”) revealed that the firm has actually provided a mobile 30kW hydrogen gas cell system, which quantity each power outcome is decreased to 1/3 contrasted to the fixed gas cell systems, to a gas cell ship.

The gas cell ship, which passed the Temporary Navigation Permit Inspection of Japan Craft Inspection Organization on October 30, has actually begun demos of the confirmation by NREG TOSHIBA STRUCTURE Corporation * 1 and also Tokyo University of Marine Science and also Technology (hereinafter “TUMSAT”).

The recently mobile 30 kW pure hydrogen gas cells system established by Toshiba ESS will certainly be offered to mount for vessels, trains and also vehicles. Hydrogen is made use of as gas, permitting power to be produced without CARBON DIOXIDE.

Tokyo University of marine science and technology

Image Credits: toshiba-energy. com

The system makes reduced sound contrasted to typical ship engines, and also it begins producing power in one min at the quickest.

This time, Toshiba ESS can decrease the quantity each power outcome to 1/3 contrasted to the fixed gas cell systems as a result of its streamlined style and also plan renovation. In enhancement, the system follows the safety and security standards created by MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and also Tourism of Japan).

NREG TOSHIBA STRUCTURE Corporation and also TUMSAT, as component of a joint research study task, have actually added to the understanding of eco-friendly hydrogen gas cell ships and also have actually started demo examinations of a gas cell ship, “Raicho N,” with Toshiba’s 3.5 kW pure hydrogen gas cell system since October 2016. This time, a gas cell ship, which is set up with a bigger 30kW pure hydrogen gas cell system, will certainly be included in this recognition experiment on using pure hydrogen gas cell systems mixed-up, and also will certainly be adhered to with more examinations. The success from this recognition experiment will certainly be validated utilizing the safety and security standards for gas cell ships by the MLIT.

Yoshihisa Sanagi, General Manager of theHydrogen Energy Business Div at Toshiba ESS, stated, “With the high durability of fuel cell systems, Toshiba will develop various hydrogen-related technologies, including not only existing stationary fuel cell systems, but also mobile fuel cell systems, for ships, trains and cars. Toshiba will continue to spread the use of hydrogen systems.”

* 1: Nomura Real Estate Group

Reference: toshiba-energy. com

Toshiba Delivers Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Cell System To Fuel Cell Ship

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