Two Workers Die While Scrapping Cruise Ship In Turkey: NGO Shipbreaking Platform

Two Workers Die While Scrapping Cruise Ship In Turkey: NGO Shipbreaking Platform

Yet an additional casualty just recently happened at the ship reusing backyards of Alia ğa,Turkey On 12 July, Yılmaz Demir (55 years of ages) and also Oğuz Ta şkın (three decades old) were onboard the cruise liner circus ideas when they were unexpectedly captured by fires. Yılmaz passed away instantly, whilst Oğuz yielded as a result of serious burns 3 days later on at the close-by healthcare facility.

The precise situations of the crash are still vague, yet the fire allegedly burst out in the engine space. An examination led by neighborhood authorities is continuous and also anticipated to be settled quickly.

As reported one year back, the circus ideas was acquired by EU-listed backyard Ege Çelik. Due to absence of taking down ability, Ege Çelik, with ship proprietor Carnival Corporation’s authorization, consequently relocated the cruise ship to Metas, a ship reusing center just recently obtained by Ege Çelik itself yet not yet component of the EU listing.

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The need for much better junking techniques than those readily available at the South Asian shipbreaking coastlines has actually caused a sharp rise of bigger tonnage getting to Alia ğa. There, costs supplied to deliver proprietors are more than what ship reusing centers situated in the EU have the ability to pay.

“The heaping up of ships in Aliağa must not compromise OHS management. Cruise ships are notoriously complex structures full of compartments and potentially deadly hazards that require a skilled workforce and time to take apart. To reduce the current pressure on Aliağa, the EU needs to boost additional capacity in the EU in line with the European Green Deal. There are many ships to scrap in the coming years and those seeking sustainable solutions need more options. ”

Ingvild Jenssen– Executive Director and also Founder– NGO Shipbreaking Platform

The current misfortune is an additional depressing tip of just how unsafe ship recycling can be. In the last 10 months, the Turkish ship reusing market has actually been struck by various other significant crashes. Two employees shed their lives at 2 different backyards that are consisted of in the EU List of authorized ship reusing centers.

These current crashes have actually motivated raised worries regarding the problems in Alia ğa, consisting of the administration of contaminateds materials downstream and also the absence of openness on job-related conditions that upset the employees. Since 1992, the year when a huge surge set you back the lives of 7 employees at story 17, neighborhood NGOs have actually reported a minimum of 47 job-related fatalities in Alia ğa.

“The reason for the crashes have actually unfortunately stayed the exact same over the last three decades. Workers, nevertheless, likewise drop unwell and also pass away of job-related conditions several years after being subjected to toxics. Cancer prices in Alia ğa are a lot more than the Turkish standard. Yet, market stakeholders remain to declare that there are no job-related conditions at the shipbreaking backyards. Workers’ wellness offenses and also prohibited exercise with concerns to elimination and also disposal of unsafe products, such as asbestos, are overlooked [1].

Alia ğa is passing away, together with its shipbreaking employees, under the extremely hefty lots and also speed of complete compensation publications and also expanding earnings for an untransparent market that is reducing edges on security and also environmental management. Europe requires to take the lead sought after greater criteria and also need to no more think that problems are adequate even if they are apparently certified theoretically.”
Asli Odman– Academic and also Volunteer– Istanbul Health and alsoSafety Labour Watch

[1] When responding to a Parliamentary Motion on 20 May 2021, the Turkish Environment Ministry specified that 714 ships have actually been taken apart in Alia ğa in the last 5 years, leading to the disposal of 74.325 lots of contaminated materials, consisting of roughly 250 lots of asbestos. The number for asbestos appears blatantly ignored, considering that the backyards in Alia ğa have actually taken apart many army vessels; oil and also gas systems; as well as likewise older vintage RoRo/passenger ships running in the Mediterranean, every one of which are anticipated to have huge quantities of asbestos-contaminated products.


An earlier variation of this was remedied on 28 July to mirror that the crash in 1992 that set you back the lives of 7 employees happened at story 17 possessed by Cukurova, and also not EGE Çelik. The 2 business are not connected.


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