VIDEO CLIP: BlackLion drillship finishes upgrades at ST Engineering Halter Marine as well as Offshore

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Ocean BlackLion together with at shipyard [Image: ST Engineering Halter Marine & Offshore]

ST Engineering Halter Marine as well as Offshore, Pascagoula, Miss., has actually finished an agreement for upgrade deal with Diamond Offshore’s drillship Ocean BlackLion that consisted of setup of a 215 statistics load NOV passive heave compensator. The compensator was raised completely constructed as well as established on top of the derrick.

The Ocean BlackLion got here in at the shipyard’s deep water center in very earlyMay Shipyard cranes were utilized to sustain the NOV with all alterations needed to match the brand-new devices. This agreement is the 3rd granted the lawn over the previous year for Diamond Offshore drillship obtaining comparable upgrades.

“We take great pride in providing the facilities, safety culture and skilled professionals for our valued customers who place trust and confidence in our quality and reliable delivery,” stated Jeffrey Gehrmann, Senior VP, Operations of ST Engineering Halter Marine as well asOffshore “We are proud to have completed another successful and safe delivery for Diamond Offshore.”

The shipyard group additionally set up an MPD piping system as well as a ballast water therapy system, both systems were 3D laser checked as well as crafted internal aboard Diamond Offshore vessels throughout previous jobs to stay clear of disturbance. Additional shoring of architectural assistance were established to fit components.

In enhancement, ST Engineering Halter Marine as well as Offshore made assorted systems, executed upgrades to the ballast water therapy system as well as transferred the firewater system piping, along with repainting the outside hull. The shipyard additionally designed a personalized remedy for a mechanical linkup for the ballast water therapy system to stay clear of interrupting the interior finishing systems.

“During these challenging times amid COVID-19, our team continues to work closely together with our customer to deliver large scale projects safely and efficiently to meet schedule,” Gehrmann stated. “We have also put in place safe management measures such as social distancing and split team arrangements to keep our personnel safe while working in our shipyard.”

The Ocean BlackLion is the 3rd drillship, as well as 5th functioning deep water boring gear to see the shipyard under agreement to operate in the Gulf of Mexico over the last 6 months.

ST Engineering Halter Marine as well as Offshore is a firm of ST Engineering North America.

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