Videos: ITF Unions MTWTU, ver.di Launch Free Dental Care Service For Ukrainian Seafarers

Videos: ITF Unions MTWTU, ver.di Launch Free Dental Care Service For Ukrainian Seafarers

ITF-affiliated seafarers’ unions from Germany as well as Ukraine have actually introduced a brand-new task to offer totally free oral solutions to seafarers.

ver.di as well as the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine (MTWTU) released ‘Union Dent’ in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa in lateOctober The program will certainly offer open door to dental professionals for Ukrainian seafarers functioning onboard German shipowners’ vessels covered by ver.di cumulative negotiating arrangements. The task is sustained by the MTWTU’s maritime well-being fund, ‘MORTRANS’.

MTWTU Chairman Oleg Grygoriuk stated: “More than twenty years’ teamwork binds us with ver.di. Under the Memorandum of Understanding ended in between our unions, lots of social jobs have actually been effectively executed throughout the years. It is due to that common background of uniformity, that we welcomed our bros as well as sis from ver.di to deal with us to bring the Union Dent task to fulfillment.

ITF unions MTWTU, ver.di launch free dental care service for Ukrainian seafarers

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“This initiative will allow Ukrainian seafaring union members to receive high quality services. It proves yet again that the MTWTU is a progressive union committed to improving the lives of our members and their families.”

ver.di’s Maya Schwiegershausen- Güth stated: “We have come quite a long way as unions in partnership and we are pleased to open this facility to provide this important service. I hope it will make a difference for seafarers. Together, unions are reaching across borders and seas to make a difference to the lives of seafarers, showing them the value of standing together, helping each other and joining together in union.”

“It’s a great step forward, so thank you!”

Oleg Grygoriuk and Maya Schwiegershausen-Güth, head of ver.di’s maritime section, cut a symbolic red ribbon to declare the new service open.

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The unions are concentrated on oral due to the fact that they think that earlier treatment can aid protect against oral condition among seafarers as well as maintain their teeth healthy and balanced. It’s a sight shared by a seafarer that helps a business that has actually been collaborating with the ITF on seafarer well-being concerns with the pandemic as well as was an audio speaker at the ribbon-cutting event.

“Based on my experience a small health issue onshore can become a big problem onboard,” stated Evgeniy Silvestrov, Chief Mate at Marlow Navigation.


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“Being in an enclosed space far from shore without any access to health care, health issues may grow into serious problems for a seafarer. That is why it’s necessary for us to join our ships in a healthy state. Of course, we’re all humans and we know how hard it is to be healthy all the time, but certain support allows us to prepare better.”

“I am sure I express the view of all seafarers in saying that it is so important for us to see that somebody really cares. Today I am impressed that our union is implementing such a project. I appreciate your care and it means a lot to me. Thank you.”

Silvestrov really hopes the relationship in between both ITF unions will certainly suggest even more partnership ahead to profit seafarers.


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