Action by Crescent Towing staff protects against harmful maritime case

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Pictured (l-r): Logan Jones, deckhand; Captain J.J. Dugas; Joe Perez, Jr., navigator; Vincent Centanni, designer

Crescent Towing, New Orleans, La., records that the staff of its tugboat Miriam Cooper acted on January 21 that most likely protected against a hazardous maritime case.

When 4 crammed barges escaped on the river, the Miriam Cooper sped up right into activity, taking care of to press the rate of barges free from moored ships and also support them up until fleet watercraft help got here. The activities of the staff protected against a crash in between the multi-barge breakaway and also vessels anchored to close-by buoys.

“We commend the crew for their quick response and professional action, and are proud of the manner in which they represent Crescent Towing,” states the business.

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