Alaska Marine Lines acquisitions 2 large barges from Sause

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Barge Kamanaki filling in Seattle

Alaska Marine Lines records that it has actually increased its fleet with the acquisition of 2 freight barges, the Kamakani and also Namakani, from Oregon basedSause Bros Sause ended its Hawaii solution in March and also Alaska Marine Lines (dba Aloha Marine Lines in Hawaii) is currently offering its clients.

The Kamakani and also the Namakani are currently the biggest of all Alaska Marine Lines vessels– each with a 438-foot total size and also 105 feet size and also a haul of 16,869 lots.

“For comparison, our rail barges are 420 feet long and 100 feet wide with a payload of 15,300 tons,” states Tom Crescenzi, Seattle Service Center Manager.

The Kamakani was built by Gunderson Marine in 2008 and also the Namakani in 2016. Both are fitted with 22-foot-high freight binwalls and also an inner ballast system.

“While the initial sailing of the Kamakani on April 18 was definitely the heaviest Hawaii single barge sailing to depart from Terminal 115 in Seattle, she also had the least amount of lashing,” Crescenzi states. “Between the walls and the rod lashings we dropped close to 90 percent of the lashing compared to a regular Hawaiian sailing. We still have a number of things to learn and improve on, but Hawaii Barge Master Brad Hughes did a great job on the first round. Everyone has put in a lot of work and, considering the size of this sailing and the short time we’ve had to handle the switch-over from Sause, everyone really stepped up.”

In enhancement, Aloha Marine Lines relocated from Pier 29 in Honolulu to the oldSause Bros place at Pier 5 Kalaeloa– Barber’s Point in Kapolei, Hawaii “Our new location is much closer to our high-volume customers in the industrial park area of Kapolei which will offer more delivery efficiencies to our Hawaii customers,” states Jake Maenpa, Vice President Sales.

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