CIP Proposes to Build Hydrogen Island in Danish Dogger Bank Area

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has actually recommended to create a fabricated island committed to massive manufacturing of environment-friendly hydrogen from overseas wind– called “BrintØ” – in the Danish component of theNorth Sea

According to CIP, among the globe’s biggest committed fund supervisors within greenfield renewable resource financial investments, the Hydrogen Island is anticipated to be able to generate one million lots of environment-friendly hydrogen each year when completely constructed and also will certainly therefore be “a crucial step in securing Europe’s future green  power supply.”

“The BrintØ project provides a significant contribution to reaching the ambitious targets set by the Danish government earlier this year, as well as the transnational political will demonstrated at the North Sea Summit held on 

the 18th of May in Esbjerg, Denmark,” CIP claimed.

During the top on Wednesday, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and also Denmark promised to construct at the very least 150 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind capacity in the North Sea by 2050.

Thomas Dalsgaard, Partner at CIP claimed: “The Danish, German, Dutch, and also Belgian passions for the North Sea reveal the remainder of the globe just how the environment-friendly shift can be turbocharged if you attempt to assume large, globally and also in incorporated systems. Green power will certainly be collected on a big scale-out mixed-up, looped by power islands, exchanged environment-friendly hydrogen, and also carried throughout boundaries using overseas hydrogen framework. The possibilities are substantial, and also the Danish Brint Ø is the very first step because instructions.”


According to CIP, BrintØ – and over time other adjacent energy islands – will produce large amounts of green hydrogen from offshore wind for export to nearby countries, e.g. Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. 

“Brint Ø will certainly therefore produce a structure for the manufacturing of lasting environment-friendly gas using Power- to-X for vehicles, ships, and also airplanes. Brint Ø can end up being a display for Danish expertises within overseas wind, Power- to-X and also environment-friendly power systems. This will certainly result in brand-new export possibilities for Denmark, and also therefore add to substantial financial development and also neighborhood task production,” CIP said.

Dogger Bank

CIP plans to build BrintØ on the Danish part of Dogger Bank. The area consists of a 20,000 km2 sandbank and, according to CIP, offers some of the world’s best conditions for producing low-cost green electricity, due to low water depths and strong wind resources. Worth noting, on the UK side of the Dogger Bank, SSE, Equinor, and Eni, are building what will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Read Here.

The news of the proposed construction of the Hydrogen Island in Denmark, comes just a day after CIP and its partner Allianz said they’d start studies for the construction of an artificial energy island in the German sector of the North Sea. Read Here.

Facts about BrintØ as shared by CIP

 To be an artificial island dedicated to large-scale hydrogen production

 Expected to be placed on the Danish part of Dogger Bank

 To be connected to 10 GW offshore wind, which will primarily be used to produce green hydrogen via Power-to-X

 Expected to be able to be in production by 2030

 The green hydrogen can be exported to the Northwestern EU (e.g., Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium) via offshore hydrogen pipelines of approximately 275 km

 Will be able to produce around 1 million tons of green hydrogen per year when fully built out ( 10GW), representing around 7% of the EU’s anticipated hydrogen usage in 2030

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