Costa Concordia wreckage under tow for ditching

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JULY 23, 2014– Like a remains in an open coffin, the wreckage of the cruise liner Costa Concordia is being hauled, buoyed up by sponsons, in the direction of Genoa for reusing at a funeral 2 knots rate. But as the last mooring cords were launched and also the wreckage lastly obtained under tow, the state of mind amongst salvors was joyful, with tugboats splashing water right into the air and also employees standing out containers of prosecco.

The cruise liner’s last trip started 2 years after it based with the loss of 32 lives.

Though the salvage can not really be regarded over till the wreckage lastly gets to the reusing backyard, the salvors definitely had much to commemorate. The Titan-Micoperi group has actually done well in achieving the biggest and also most difficult wreckage increasing and also healing initiative ever before.

Bean counters at Carnival Corporation’s Costa Crociere subsidiary are most likely to be much less satisfied. They quote that the procedure to elevate and also eliminate the wreckage from the Island of Giglio and also tow it for ditching will certainly set you back EUR 1.5 billion– greater than 3 times the vessel’s EUR 450 million structure expense.

Titan Salvage claims that the sluggish and also accurate tow of the wreckage is being made by a convoy included at the very least 10 various other vessels. There are 2 yanks, with a consolidated 24,000 horse power and also 275 lots of bollard pull, at the ship’s bow lugging the hull. Another 2 complementary yanks are located aft. The various other vessels in the convoy, consisting of a pontoon with a 200-tonne crane, are lugging employees and also tools. A group of aquatic biologists exists throughout the tow and also the convoy is being come before by a specialized aquatic mammals-watching vessel. The convoy is expected to show up in Genoa on Saturday, July 26, regarding mid-day pending beneficial weather condition and also vessel website traffic in the location.

To make sure the ongoing stability of the job, Titan Salvage’s Nick Sloane, elderly salvage master, and also Rich Habib, salvage supervisor, are onboard the Costa Concordia to supply continuous, hands-on surveillance of the vessel’s listing, ballasting, rate and also even more.

The cruising course will certainly take the vessels southern in between the island of Giglio and also Giannutri prior to heading west-southwest to a factor south of the island ofMontecristo The convoy will certainly after that head west-northwest to a setting south of the island called Scoglio d’Africa prior to going across the Ligurian Sea to the Port of Genoa Voltri.

“This is the latest achievement in a very long series of detailed wreck removal phases,” clarified Titan’s Chris Peterson, vice head of state. “We have patiently and eagerly planned for this move and only upon confirming that is was safe to do so, got underway.”

Once the tow gets here in Genoa, the Titan Micoperi salvage group will certainly aid with the transfer of the vessel to the Genoa consortium that will certainly carry out the taking down.

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