Strategic Marine’s New Fast Crew Boat Can Carry 80 Passengers

Credit: Strategic Marine

Credit: Strategic Marine

Singapore’s Strategic Marine has actually introduced its newest overseas rapid team watercraft, a 38-meter additional rapid team transfer catamaran vessel (FCTV).

“The new vessel has been designed in collaboration with One2Three naval architects in Sydney Australia, incorporating direct feedback from customers,” Strategic Marine stated.

Greg Daniel, Technical Manager of Strategic Marine, stated: “Our offshore consumers are significantly requesting for faster transfers yet still wish to minimize their prices. Often helicopters are made use of yet this is costly as well as minimal to handful (just concerning 10 team at any kind of one-time).

“The new Strategic FCTV can provide fast transit for 80 passengers and crew, to and from offshore installations, traveling at 40 knots per hour, powered by four CAT C32 engines.  This new vessel offers a much more cost-effective, rapid transfer alternative and is suitable for longer distances.  We are confident that it will surpass our customers’ expectations, wherever they are in the world.”

Motion-compensated gangway

According to Strategic Marine, the vessel can be fitted with a motion-compensated gangway offering a‘ walk to work’ safe transfer. Alternatively, the company said, the stern and the bow of the vessel are different heights above the water, so if the crew needs to do a swing rope transfer, they can choose the best option.

The vessel has been designed with a large open deck that covers a third of the vessel length to give space for maneuvers.  The area can also be fitted with a basket transfer crane which winches the crew up and down to the offshore installation if necessary.

The seating and accommodation area has been arranged to be in the midships of the vessels to reduce slamming and pitching motion, ensuring that those traveling on board are as comfortable as possible, the company said.

“The FCTV has actually a resiliently placed superstructure which remains on a rubber base to shield the traveler lodging from sound. As you would certainly anticipate the engine is really loud, specifically when taking a trip at broadband as well as with large waves, yet this superstructure shields the traveler room, substantially minimizing resonances, making it much quieter as well as calmer for guests onboard,” Strategic Marine said.

“The FCTV is additionally fitted with water jets which are much quieter than props, really effective at broadband, as well as specifically manoeuvrable which is needed up near an overseas installment,” the company added.

“The brand-new vessel has the alternative for a biosafe symbols as well as contrasted to helicopter transportation it has a dramatically reduced gas usage conserving gas as well as minimized gas usage on an expense per head basis compared to a helicopter. Strategic will certainly additionally use a silicone antifouling covering to the FCTV. The firm has actually been trialing the covering which is developed for fast-moving vessels, as well as had actually has actually discovered it to be incredibly reliable, quiting biofilm from sticking to the vessel hull without any biocide seeping right into the water,” the firm stated.

According to the firm, the vessel will certainly be wire of attaining the complying with efficiency in tranquil water (approximately sea state 2): Service Speed 40 knots + (TBC) @ 90% MCR – based upon 25 Dead Weight Tonnes (DWT); as well as Full Speed 41.3 knots + (TBC) @ 100% MCR – based upon 25 Dead Weight Tonnes (DWT)

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