Cracked Containership No Longer Leaking Oil in NY Harbor

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© Ralf Wagenschwanz/ Marine

Oil is no more dripping from the broken hull of a containership tied in the Port of New Yok and also New Jersey, the UNITED STATE Coast Guard claimed Wednesday.

A luster around the Danaos- possessed YM Mandate was initially reported to the Coast Guard on Monday after the ship came to the Global Container Terminal in Bayonne, N.J., from Halifax, N.S.

A unified command group including the Coast Guard, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and also Gallagher Marine Systems is reacting given that after the Coast Guard validated the Liberian- flagged vessel was dripping oil from a fracture in its hull.

Oil control boom and also absorbing pads are released around the 300 meter long, 6,572 TEU capability YM Mandate, and also skimming vessels remain to eliminate oil from the water. The quantity of gas oil splashed is unidentified.

Fuel oil will certainly be pumped from the impacted container to a barge along with the harmed containership up until the 462,297 gallon capability container is cleared and also repair services to the hull can be made, the Coast Guard claimed.

The containership, constructed in 2010 by South Korea’s Hanjin Heavy Industries, triggered its Coast Guard- authorized vessel reaction strategy by making notices and also turning on reaction sources.

The root cause of the occurrence is under examination.

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