Russia Kicks Off Naval Drills in the Barents Sea

(Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense)

(Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense)

Some 20 ships from Russia’s Northern fleet have commence marine drills in the Barents Sea, Russia’s Ministry of Defense revealed Tuesday.

The “planned” workout in the Arctic waters in between Russia as well as Norway consists of surface area ships, submarines, watercrafts as well as fleet assistance vessels, along with greater than 10 Russian airplane. The ships will certainly discharge at sea as well as air targets making use of weapons, anti-submarine tools as well as digital war devices.

The workouts are the current a string on Russian marine drills done just recently in the middle of anxieties that Russia might attackUkraine Moscow has actually repetitively refuted such strategies.

“The purpose of the exercise is to practice the actions of the Northern Fleet forces to protect Russian national interests in the World Ocean, as well as to counter military threats to the Russian Federation from sea and ocean directions,” the protection ministry claimed.

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