The Ultimate Guide to Work Hours & Rest Hours on Ships (Including STCW 2010)

Working on ships isn’t among the most convenient work worldwide. It is an exhausting career that requires every ounce of powers in all time. That is why tiredness on the ship is just one of the significant worries for seafarers. And that is why ship functioning hrs come to be an extremely essential element of not just a vessel’s working however the effectiveness of its team and also policemans also.

To start with, according to IMO, Work hrs are specified as the variety of hrs for which a seafarer is needed to be at work, therefore the vessel where he/she is utilized or to be at disposal of a premium outside the team’s quarters.

Hours of hinge on vessels are specified as hrs outside hrs of job. These hrs do not consist of the periodic breaks.


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The lawful limitation on the amount of hrs to deal with ships is placed by the International Labor Organization, thinking about the demands of the aquatic market.

ILO Maritime Labor Convention mentions that a variety of ship functioning hrs need to be:

  • Eight hrs a day, under regular conditions, with someday as a day of rest
  • An optimum of 14 hrs in any type of 24 hr duration
  • An optimum of 72 hrs in any type of 7 day duration
  • Provided with a minimum of 10 hrs of remainder in any type of 24-hour duration
The minimal hrs of remainder, based on the ILO maritime convention need to be:
  • A minimum of 10 hrs in any type of 24 hr duration
  • A minimum of 77 hrs in any type of 7 day duration

The hrs of remainder can be split in an optimum of 2 durations, among which need to go to the very least 6 hrs in size. Two such successive durations need to not be divided by greater than 14 hrs.

A seafarer should be approved a countervailing pause in situation he/she is needed to be standing by throughout remainder hrs.

Operations like lifeboat drills, fire combating drills, and also drills suggested by nationwide regulations and also policies need to be carried out in a fashion to guarantee minimal disturbance of the pause.

A variety of ship functioning hrs and also hrs of remainder for team participants in all settings have to be presented in an area of simple ease of access for objective of educating the seafarers soon.

A log recording variety of hrs of job and also remainder for each team participant have to be kept in all times.

However, an exemption can be made to all those conditions in situation the master of the ship considers it needed to need solutions of a seafarer instead of keeping the security of the ship, specifically on an emergency situation basis.

Master can put on hold the timetable of job hrs and also hrs of remainder in scenarios of vessels distress and also need a seafarer to do needed obligations till regular problems are brought back.

On go back to regular problems, seafarers associated with job throughout the duration of distress need to be approved a pause to avoid develop of tiredness on the ship

Deck and also designer policemans, together with pupils and also cadets might be needed to operate in unwanted of the above pointed out limitations, every one of which will be thought about as overtime. For each hr of overtime job, the policeman would certainly be qualified to offsetting hrs of remainder and also overtime reimbursement.

It need to be kept in mind that all the above pointed out arrangements will differ for seafarers listed below 18 years old. For all such team participants, the amount of hrs to deal with ships will be controlled by a different collection of policies which states:

  • Working hrs on ships need to not go beyond 8 hrs each day or 40 hrs each week
  • Overtime over these limitations is enabled just under inescapable conditions and also under no problems, can be enabled often.
  • Sufficient time will be offered objective of dishes, with at the very least a hr for the primary dish of the day
  • A 15 mins’ pause will be enabled after a duration of 2 hrs of constant job
  • Exceptions in the above pointed out arrangements can be made if they prevent efficient training routines or position troubles with watch maintaining obligations specifically in the deck, engine space and also food catering divisions.
  • Any exemptions made will be appropriately taped and also made up
  • Young seafarers, by orders of the master of the ship, might be required to function throughout hrs of emergency situation

According to ILO Maritime Labor convention, 2006, these problems of ship functioning hrs will be adhered to by all participant countries of the convention through establishing the optimum variety of job hrs or a minimal variety of remainder hrs, a restriction which will not be surpassed in an offered amount of time.

These hrs obtain all vessels that drop under one or every one of listed below pointed out groups:

  • Publicly or independently possessed
  • Engaged in trip by sea
  • Engaged in industrial naval procedures i.e. transportation of freight or guests for objective of profession

These policies are not suitable for

  • vessels of standard styles such as scraps and also dhows
  • vessels of much less than 500 gross register loads
  • vessels participated in angling procedures
  • estuarial craft

Rest Hours According to STCW 2010

  • A minimum of 10 hrs of remainder in any type of 24-hour duration
  • 77 functioning hrs in any type of 7-day duration
  • The hrs of remainder might be split right into no greater than 2 durations, among which will go to the very least 6 hrs in size, and also the periods in between successive durations of remainder will not go beyond 14 hrs.

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