What is Seaway Bill in Shipping?

A seaway expense is an invoice of items released by the sea provider to the consumer (likewise called the consignor or carrier).

It is an agreement whereby the sea provider carries out to carry the consumer’s freight in its vessel or vessels, from one indicate the various other.

It is a non-negotiable agreement in between the sea provider and also the consumer to perform scheduled by the consumer to a certain consignee.

It is this non-negotiable nature of the expense that establishes it in addition to the routine expense of lading.

The seaway expense is normally liked by business that deal straight with each various other often. There is no participation of a 3rd party in such negotiations in which tools such as financial institution letter of credit scores, and so on are not made use of.

A seaway expense will certainly reveal a consignor and also a solitary consignee that can get the items at the port of discharge.

Both the seaway expense and also expense of lading are released by the provider to recognize invoice of freight and also take on to carry it from one location to one more according to terms discussed in the expense.

However, the primary distinction in between a seaway expense and also a costs of lading is that while the previous is non-negotiable, the last is flexible.

When a costs of lading is made to the ‘order of’ a specific celebration, it implies that the possession of the items delivered under the file is transferable to a various celebration.

If the expense of lading is backed for one more celebration and also the celebration remains in ownership of the initial backed expense, after that this celebration can declare invoice and also possession of the items.

Seaway bill

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Negotiable V Non-Negotiable Documents

A flexible file or tool permits the owner to move the title of possession of items to a 3rd party. Normally, there are 2 celebrations to such a transfer– the endorser and also the endorsee.

The initial expense of lading can transform hands via recommendation whereby the endorser (the initial proprietor of the freight) transfers possession of freight to the endorsee (the brand-new proprietor of the freight as concurred in between both the celebrations).

The freight is delivered and also supplied to the celebration that holds the initial, backed expense of lading.

A non-negotiable tool defines a solitary celebration as the proprietor and also this possession can not be backed to a 3rd party. The freight, in this situation, is delivered to the initially defined celebration.

An recommendation to be legitimate need to be authorized by the endorser or owner either on the face of the expense or its back-side. The purchase is stated to be total when the tool is supplied to the endorsee in whose name the possession has actually been moved.

Issuing the Seaway Bill

A seaway expense is normally released in three– the initial and also 2nd duplicates are provided to the carrier or consignor, and also the 3rd to the consignee. The consignor sends out the initial to the consignee for clearance and also invoice of the freight right into his storehouse.

A seaway expense is a non-negotiable tool that helps with very easy and also quick clearance of items via telex launch or reveals launch.

Telex Release

Sometimes the carrier and also consumer might concur to do away with the technique of trading the initial expense to help with prompt clearance and also invoice.

Instead, the carrier will certainly give up the initial expense to the sea provider or his assigned representative at beginning. When it is given up, the provider will certainly send out a digital message validating this to their workplace at the location port.

Once the vessel reaches its location port and also the freight that is discussed in the expense is unloaded, the items will certainly be turned over to the consignee, after confirmation of the consignee’s identification, and so on

It is regular technique for the carrier to send out the consumer a verification message on the abandonment of the initial seaway expense. This technique is called Telex Release.

An sea provider will certainly require all the initial duplicates of the seaway expense to be given up at their workplace. The cleaning representative at the location just needs to speak to the provider’s workplace at the location with the required qualifications and also paperwork to obtain information of the freight and also its clearance.

An benefit of the telex launch is that freight will certainly be launched at the location port without needing to create the initial seaway expense as they are currently given up at the port of beginning.

It, for that reason, stays clear of hold-ups that can take place in the exchange of initial records and also succeeding clearance of items. All that the consignee needs to do is to clear Customs, pay all because of the worried celebrations, and also organize the consignment.

The term ‘telex release’ has actually stuck on day although the message to launch freight without the initial expense is communicated via e-mail or by various other digital ways. Earlier this message was communicated by sending out a telex message.


In an Ex, the provider, after conclusion of the required documents and also various other procedures generates a digital expense of lading called the Express Bill ofLading An digital duplicate is provided to the carrier.

There is nothing else physical file in this type of expense of lading and also this is all that is needed for the consignee to remove the items once the provider offloads freight at his end.

The consumer needs to simply develop his qualifications at the provider’s workplace. There is no OBL (initial expense of lading) when it concerns an ex lover.

Telex and also ex lover conserve money and time. An initial expense of lading might be shed or postponed en route. The vessel bring the freight may have currently gotten to the discharge port by now and also if it is unclear within the stated duration it can cause storage space or demurrage fees– both from the port in addition to the sea provider.

Telex and also ex lover is mainly made use of with seaway costs. In various other words, these 2 techniques of launching freight to the consignee do not collaborate with costs of ladings that are flexible records.

There might be exemptions to this where, when a telex or ex lover is asked for of a costs of lading, it sheds its ‘negotiable document’ condition. In such situations, the consignment is supplied just to the consignee called in the expense of lading and also can not be backed to one more celebration.

Contents of a Seaway Bill

What does the seaway expense program? The response to this is straightforward; basically whatever that is revealed on a costs of lading.

However, an essential distinction in between both is that a seaway expense will certainly constantly be entitled ‘SEAWAY BILL NON-NEGOTIABLE’.

A seaway expense generally reveals the complying with information, each in their different areas:

Seaway Bill Number

This is an one-of-a-kind alphanumeric recognition code released by the sea provider for recognition of the consignment and also which is normally estimated on all document pertaining to the delivery.


The consignor area reveals the name and also address of the celebration that ships the items via the sea provider to his consumer. The consignor is the carrier or merchant sending out items and also therefore, this area might likewise be classified as ‘shipper’ or ‘exporter’.


In a seaway expense, the consignee is the consignor’s consumer. It is the celebration that gets items at the port of location, via his cleaning representative, after repayment of all customizeds responsibilities and also various other fees. The consignor, having actually marketed or moved the items to the consignee, can not transform hands even more via recommendations or various other ways.

Notify Party

In a seaway expense, this area is normally left empty as the consignee is the celebration that is to be informed upon arrival of the vessel at the location. Some delivery business might get in the exact same address as revealed under the ‘consignee’, in this area.

Vessel Name and also Voyage Number

The name of the vessel aboard which the consignment is packed is revealed right here. If the vessel has a trip number, that will certainly be discussed along with the vessel name.

Place of invoice

The location of invoice is the place where the items are turned over to the sea provider by the carrier (consignor), which is normally the port of loading. The items might likewise have actually been turned over to the provider or its representative from a various place, aside from the tons port.

Port of Loading

Port of filling is the port where items are packed aboard the sea vessel.

Port of Discharge

The port of discharge is the location port of the freight where the items are off-loaded from the vessel for distribution to or collection by the consumer (consignee).

Place of Delivery

When the sea provider is gotten to provide the consignment to the address of the consumer or a different storage space place, that is revealed under‘Place of Delivery’ In such situations, the provider’s workplace will certainly make setups to carry the freight overland or by various other ways to the defined location of distribution. The consignee takes distribution of his items from this place.

Booking ref./ Shipping ref.

The delivering business might have their reserving referral or delivery referral numbers. If these are offered, these numbers are revealed under this area.

Cargo summary/Dimensions/Container information

The information revealed over is adhered to by a table that reveals the special container number (or numbers) and also the seal numbers. The summary of plans and also the items consisted of therein with the overall variety of plans are displayed in this table. It likewise includes the gross freight weight and also dimensions. These are generally displayed in kilos (KG) and also cubic meters (CBM).

International Maritime Organization and also Lloyds Register Numbers

Another vital number revealed on a seaway expense is the IMO (International Maritime Organization) or the Lloyds Register number.

The IMO number is an one-of-a-kind and also irreversible number that determines the ship. A distinct 7 figures number is come before by the letters IMO (instance IMO1234567). This number does not transform regardless of adjustments to the ship’s proprietor, flag, or name.

A customized wing of the United Nations, the IMO is accountable for controling delivery tasks worldwide that include their safety and security and also safety.

One of the primary jobs of Lloyds Register is the category of aquatic vessels. Based in London, it has various other organization rate of interests that extend right into design and also technological areas. The Lloyds on the internet register consists of details on aquatic vessels besides various other possessions that have actually been classified by the Lloyds Register.

Other Fields on the Seaway Bill

Carrier Endorsements

A seaway expense might consist of recommendations concerning the setting of products repayment, whether telex or ex lover, and so on This area will certainly reveal the sea provider representative’s recommendations, both at the port of filling in addition to discharge.

It is likewise usual to locate information of freight insurance policy, inland transmitting guidelines– if any type of, and also such various other information in the seaway expense.

Shipped on Board Date

As the heading defines, this is the day when the items are taken on board the provider.

Declared Value of Goods

The stated worth of items is the worth as revealed on the billing by the carrier. This worth is made use of for calculation of customizeds obligation or any type of various other tax obligations that might apply in the regular training course. The ‘declared value’ might or might not be published on the seaway expense.

Place and also Date of Issue

The seaway expense is normally released from the sea provider’s workplace. It is authorized and also released to the carrier or his representative. The location where it is released will certainly be revealed on the seaway expense.

The day on which the seaway expense is ready and also launched to the carrier or his representative is the ‘date of issue’.


The trademark area is generally the last area on the seaway expense. This holds the trademark of the sea provider’s licensed notary. It officially binds him as the provider of freight as discussed in the seaway expense. These days most costs do not bring trademarks as they are produced electronically.

Disadvantages of a Seaway Bill

Upon concern of a seaway expense, the consignee revealed on the expense can not be altered and also items will just be supplied by the sea provider to the defined consignee. Therefore, the seaway expense can not be made use of as a flexible file.

Banks and also banks do decline seaway costs from business to release monetary warranties as it does not provide regulate over the title of items. On the various other hand, costs of lading, as a result of their flexible nature, are approved by such companies to release letters of assurance (letter of credit scores).

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