Hartmann orders ME-LGIP engines for newbuild LPG vessel triad

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The GUY B&W ME-LGIP engine was revealed at an event in Copenhagen in 2018

GUY Energy Solutions is to provide GUY B&W ME-LGIP (Liquid Gas Injection Propane) dual-fuel engines for 3 5,000-cubic-meter LPG vessels presently incomplete at the CIMC-SOE shipyard in Shanghai for Hartmann Gas Carriers in Leer, Germany.

Each newbuilding will certainly have a propulsion plan including one 5S35ME-LGIP engine with an Alpha manageable pitch prop, power liftoff (PTO) as well as propulsion control system (COMPUTER). GUY Energy Solutions additionally anticipates to present its brand-new Triton control system with the engines.

The engines are established for shipment in the last component of 2021 from GUY Energy Solutions’ two-stroke licensee CMD in Lingang, China, The agreement has a choice for 2 additional vessels.

The order is the most recent in a collection for the ME-LGIP engine as well as complies with the workout of a choice by Oslo- based BW LPG for additional conversions of HFO-burning engines from its fleet to dual-fuel. That was available in the wake of the very first ME-LGIP retrofit engine passing a TAT (Type Approval Test) at the jobs of GUY Energy Solutions’ two-stroke licensee, STX HI, in Korea.

“After the success of our dual-fuel ME-GI engine running on ethane, orders for our ME-LGIP variant capable of running on LPG are now taking off—a situation we are very pleased with,” stated Bjarne Foldager, elderly vice head of state, Head of Two-Stroke Business at GUYEnergy Solutions “That the engines in this order form part of an MAN Energy Solutions’ package fits perfectly with our desire to increasingly supply complete propulsion solutions.”

Noting that the firm’s low-speed, dual-fuel profile has actually currently acquired over one million operating hrs, Foldager stated achievement “owes everything to the strategy we have laid over the past decade and confirms our leadership within this critical marine segment. Our engines’ efficiency is the best in the market, which gives shipowners enormous flexibility, and we note that all fuel modes are employed.”

“Despite Hartmann expressing a strong preference for the ME-LGIP, we had to win this order in the face of very strong competition and are, naturally, very happy,” stated Lars Zimmermann, elderly supervisor as well as Head of Two-Stroke Direct Sales, GUYEnergy Solutions “The engine is a standard bearer for environmentally friendly, reliable propulsion technology with its seamless switching between fuels and the full rating and performance of the baseline, low-speed diesel engine.”


GUY Energy Solutions claims that rate of interest in operation LPG as a gas, within as well as beyond the LPG service provider sector, is expanding as a result of its sulfur-free personality, prevalent schedule as well as convenience of bunkering. In gas setting, the ME-LGIP engine operates simply 3% pilot oil as well as to 10% lots. Ultimately, the firm anticipates the engine to run without the requirement for pilot oil.

The ME-LGIP engine can additionally melt fluid unpredictable natural substances, a purposeful action by GUY, which claims that “IMO will inevitably turn its focus towards the reduction of volatile organic compounds in the future.”
GUY Energy Solutions additionally reports that the ME-LGIP engine has actually experienced an as much as 18% decrease in CARBON DIOXIDE as well as circa 90% decrease in particle issue when operating on LPG, compared to HFO.

The firm’s ME-GI (Gas Injection) as well as ME-LGI engines develop the core of its two-stroke, dual-fuel profile as well as have actually scratched up lots of remarkable industry-firsts given that their market intro, consisting of the extremely initial oceangoing ships running specifically on LNG, methanol, ethane as well as LPG. The firm lately launched a Mk II ME-GI version as well as, in feedback to market need, is presently creating an Otto- cycle version– the ME-GA.


Based on the experience collected over greater than two decades in the advancement as well as manufacturing of mission-critical electronic devices, Triton is the brand-new controller system for GUY Energy Solutions’ whole, two-stroke engine profile as well as is a future-proof remedy defined by its modularity, versatility as well as scalability.

Triton supplies added computer power as well as a quicker network as well as I/O versatility to encounter future needs; it additionally most importantly incorporates cyber protection deliberately.

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