Høglund Delivers Automation and also Control System for Ethane Carrier

The vessel sailing. Photo courtesy of Pacific Gas

The vessel cruising. Photo thanks to Pacific Gas

Høglund Marine Solutions has actually supplied an automation and also control system for the Pacific Ineos Belstaff, reported to be the globe’s biggest ethane provider.

Høglund esigned an incorporated automation system with ship efficiency screen and also a personalized control system.

The modern technology was produced to sustain Babcock LGE’s freight handling system (CHS) and also fuel gas supply system (FGSS) for the vessel, which is had by Pacific Gas, the Chinese huge gas provider.

“Most of the groundwork was laid in early 2021 with an early design of an overarching integrated automation and power management system,” claimed Duy Chau Do, HøglundSenior Project Manager “The owner, Pacific Gas, was proactively involved in the project, and we had vibrant communication over several months discussing all the details. When it came to cargo handling, we relied on Babcock LGE and their tremendous engineering capabilities. We had our most senior engineers work throughout the summer on translating the gas safety and alarm matrix from Babcock LGE into Høglund software logic and to ensure that all signals were treated correctly.”

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