MacGregor tools chose for Edda Wind newbuild quartet

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Image: Salt Ship Design

MacGregor is to provide walk-to-work gangway as well as 3D crane tools plans for the 4 overseas wind solution vessels incomplete in Spain for Østensjø Rederi’s Edda Wind organization (see earlier tale).

Two of the tools plans were gotten by shipbuilder Astilleros Gond án for Edda Wind’s absolutely no discharges prepared Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV), the initial of which will certainly participate in a company charter duration of 11 years beginning in initial quarter 2022.

Each of these vessels will certainly be furnished with a Horizon all-electric walk-to-work gangway, consisting of the biggest incorporated traveler lift ever before fitted to a wind solution vessel, which is adjoined to a Colibri 5 tonne 3D activity made up crane. A solitary driver will certainly have the ability to perfectly transform in between crane as well as gangway procedure from a systematized control terminal on the vessel’s bridge.

“Østensjø Rederi is committed to continuously advancing the development of environmentally sustainable technologies, and MacGregor’s energy efficient equipment will contribute to improving the overall efficiency of Edda Wind’s newbuildings” states Egil Arne Skare, Chief Project Officer in Østensjø Rederi.

The various other 2 tools plans were granted by Astilleros Balenciaga which is structure Edda Wind’s 2nd generation Service Operation Vessels (SOV). The initially of both vessels will certainly participate in solution on a 15 year charter arrangement in 2nd quarter 2022. These vessels will certainly additionally be furnished with a Horizon all-electric walk-to-work gangway system as well as 3 tonne Colibri 3D activity made up crane.

Although smaller sized than their CSOV vessels, the SOVs will certainly flaunt accessibility elevations of approximately 34 meters over the sea surface area as a result of the unique layout of the Horizon walk-to-work system, particularly customized to Edda Wind’s needs. These vessels will certainly additionally gain from the extra effectiveness given by the systematized control terminal being situated near the Dynamic Positioning Operator’s (DPO) setting on the bridge.

“Whenever we asked MacGregor to solve operational challenges put forward by our clients or ourselves, they responded quickly with well-thought-out solutions and provided excellent technical support.” statesSkare “Providing low emission service vessels is not just about selecting the most energy efficient equipment, it’s the combination of the equipment and our collective experience that will give these ships an environmentally sound operational profile.”

The Horizon walk-to-work gangway as well as Colibri 3D cranes are items brought right into the MacGregor profile with its procurement in 2015 of the aquatic as well as overseas organizations of TTS Group ASA

“MacGregor is delighted to have been selected to supply critical equipment to the Edda Wind newbuildings,” states Leif Bystr öm, Head of MacGregor’sOffshore Solutions Division “We now have a total of six walk-to-work systems and five 3D compensated cranes under various stages of completion, validating our commitment to renewable energy and to providing enhanced solutions and services to our customers through the combination of MacGregor and TTS capabilities.”

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