GUY ME-GI engines in EPS newbuilds will certainly include brand-new LNG gas supply remedy

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Singapore- based Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) has actually worked out an alternative that includes a more 6 15,000 TEU containerships to 5 that it purchased at South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI in November 2017.

All eleven ships will certainly be powered by male B&W two-stroke engines, yet while the very first 5 ships will certainly be traditionally sustained the most recent 6 will certainly operate LNG.

GUY Energy Solutions reports that the very first 5 engines will certainly be standard male B&W 11G90ME-C systems outfitted with scrubbers that schedule for shipment in between 2019-2020. The added 6 systems will certainly be constructed as male B&W 11G90ME-GI dual-fuel arrangements operating LNG with shipment days set up in between 2020-2022.

“We’re very pleased to have landed this significant order within such a key segment and in the face of stiff competition,” stated Bjarne Foldager– Senior Vice President, Head of Two-Stroke Business at GUYEnergy Solutions “We currently have 55 ME-GI engines in service that have logged over 265,000 running hours, as a result of which the ME-GI engine has become an industry standard. I thank Eastern Pacific for placing its trust in our technology.”

Each of the 6 ME-GI engines will certainly include male Energy Solutions’ brand-new pump vaporizer system (PVU), a cutting-edge, low-priced pump system for the supply of LNG to the ME-GI engines.

“We’re also very happy that Eastern Pacific has chosen our new pump vaporizer unit, which makes the fuel gas-supply system installation significantly more compact,” statedFoldager “Apart from the reduced cost and weight, ordering both PVU and engine from the same designer provides many other advantages, including easier integration and straightforward installation.”

GUY Energy Solutions has more than 200 ME-GI systems on its order publications or currently in solution, with recommendations in every significant aquatic section, with 250 plus sales within its whole profile of dual-fuel engines– all working on LNG or various other, tidy gas such as LPG and also methanol


GUY Energy Solutions has actually created the PVU as a standard, portable, top quality pump system for the supply of LNG to male B&W two-stroke ME-GI engines.

GUY ME-GI engines in EPS newbuilds will certainly include brand-new LNG gas supply remedy
Pump Vaporizer Unit

The PVU is made to pressurize and also evaporate the needed gas to the stress and also temperature level needed by the ME-GI engine. The gas stress is managed by control of hydraulic circulation to the pump. The different control of the 3 pump heads supplies complete redundancy and also is safeguarded by a control system with security features and also a high level of combination with the ME-GI engine.

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